Accessible avant-garde in boating. Bénéteau is a French sail and motor boat manufacturer, with production facilities in France and in the United States. Bénéteau is a large and recognized boat builder, commanding a substantial worldwide market loving the water in all its forms – the ocean, bays, lakes, and rivers and the adventure associated with it. The brand is never losing sight of details, is visionary, prudent and diligent.

With the aim of reposition the brand and intensifying communication
with the target Bénéteau decided to change their corporate identity. The new communication should be an evolution of the existing one, being focused on a moving, adventurous and individual image. The visible language should be striking and reach the target.
I developed the creative idea and concept, the brand codes and the new corporate design manual together with GMK Markenberatung, Cologne, Germany.

Geometrical construction, redesigned logo, relationship between symbol and word mark


Product and corporate brochures