Coastal Aviation

The flying safari network.
Coastal Aviation have provided support to the tourism infrastructure of Tanzania for over 20 years, the range growing as the routes reach deeper into the wilderness. Through the expanding route network linking the National Parks, Coastal Aviation opens up the world’s most celebrated safari destinations to the independent-minded traveller, taking them on their own unique safari experience. 

Mood, look&feel
Coastal Aviation asked for a new “flying safari” corporate identity to be attractive and call many travelers in the world. The new corporate identity expresses the “african spirit” of the company with a warm, colorful, sympathetic and in the same way safe and professional design style, reflecting perfectly the african landscape and “safari-way of living”. Beautiful huge images show scenes of Tanzania. Important information is designed in a rigorous and professional way to communicate safe travelling. I carried out this project with Serena Mora.

Colour scheme


Map flight routes

Mobile application


Draft aircraft design