Konzilstadt Konstanz

The Konzilstadt Konstanz was established by the city of Constance, in preparation for the 2014 – 2018 anniversary celebrations. The city office coordinated the anniversary plans and created connections within Constance, Lake Constance area and all of Europe. The Konzilstadt also prepared Constance and European citizens in advance of the festivities. For this big event, which lasted four years, the city of Constance required a complete new corporate identity.

The new corporate identity should be different from the city image and should express joy of celebration. It should also pass on the European idea and show networking and talk about the 5 years of celebrations. The visible language should be fresh, pleasant, friendly and active.

Creative Idea
A star for Constance. The star is the key idea of this logo. The star stands for the European idea with Constance in the middle and the European cultural and economical networking. The letter K is used because it stands for Konzil and Konstanz. I designed this project togehter with Siegrun Nuber.


Logo, font, colors, concept

Responsive Website

Stationery and Christmas card

Press folder, image brochure


Flyer, card game

City banners, city light poster