Swiss Precision Lighting

Swiss Precision Lighting  is developing next generation LED area lighting for the benefit of the environment. The founders were among the first ones to apply LED technology in general lighting as well as automotive headlamps. The innovative idea of the products is that outdoor lighting solutions precisely illuminate the target area without unnecessary light pollution: No visible light points and therefore no illumination outside the target area. The start-up company needed a new visual identity in order to present itself as a unique partner on the market.

Mood, look&feel
The new corporate identity should express this concept, being focused on a minimal, innovative, friendly and a high technological image. The visible language should be elegant and reach the target of entrepreneurs, being interested in solutions in the field of outdoor lighting. The color scheme is reduced in black – which stands for the night, white and a little bit of neon green – which stands for illumination.
I carried out this project with Michaela Stucki.

logo suggestions, final version

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