Erasmozinkal | zinc alloys for die casting
The S. Erasmo Zinkal foundry is specialized in the production of zinc alloys for die casting, over 60 years of industrial experience are the founding pillar of its reliability and manufacturing excellence. Sustainability, reuse of raw and secondary raw materials and innovation are at the core of the green deal – S. Erasmo Zinkal leads the field, as it has always massively used production scrap and by-products in its zinc alloys.
In order to stand out in the international market, the company commissioned us with the redesign of the existing website.
Our common goal was to have a young and fresh look&feel while maintaining a clear and sophisticated image. Flat rectangles were used as a recurring design element, the visual metaphor for the production of zinc ingots.
I carried out this project together with Annalisa Gatto.

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