Rivoli Genève

Swiss skincare – La beauté intelligente.
Rivoli is a Swiss skincare brand based in Geneva. 
The brand benefits from access to all aspects of cosmetic science: from the design and the development of new innovative active ingredients, to the production and packaging of the finest skincare product. This exclusive product line is conceived to offer the most efficient products possible to a discerning clientele.
Rivoli aims to offer a selective clientele efficient skincare solutions, based on the latest findings in skin biology. All the products are based on scientific knowledge on how the skin works, reacts and matures. Not only efficacy but also skin friendliness and sustainability are a must for all Rivoli products.

Rivoli’s corporate identity represents exclusive, high-level skincare products. While the visual language is very different to its competitors, the brand is standing out in the crowded marketplace with its consistent communication. Logo and supporting elements have a classy and elegant language and a successful brand campaign is consistent through all brand touch points. I was requested by Daniele Cima to assist him to carry on the ongoing Rivoli project he started in 2010. Since that time I designed with him several graphic solutions for many different communicaton tools and graphic applications.
The product fotos are taken by Jacopo Cima

Product brochure “Le Catalogue”




Packaging and advertising: special edition

Greeting cards