German Health and Sports association. The Vitamed association is offering everything about coordination training, fitness, prevention and rehabilitation. Since July 2012, 2700 members are practicing on modern training equipment with a total surface of 1200 square meters. Their mission is to educate their community in a fun and social environment to compete and stay healthy for life. Vitamed is a company that is passionate about servicing their members through innovative and results based programs and services which help drive positive outcomes.

Mood, look&feel
The new corporate identity expresses the sporty and dynamic nature of the association with a fresh, colorful, sympathetic and in the same way elegant and professional design style, reflecting the holistically healthy way of life.
Well-chosen images, which are telling different moments inside the association, are coordinated with the new corporate color palette. The logo, which is composed by the initial letters V and M, is used in different appearances in order to create a unique visual language.
I carried out this project with Michaela Stucki.

Corporate colors, logo, personalized icons, image concept

Business cards

Responsive Website

Gadgets, App